La biodiversité au Golf de Servanes

Preserving biodiversity at Golf de Servanes

At Golf de Servanes, we pay particular attention to the species that inhabit our course and are committed to protecting them and encouraging their development. Our aim is to create an environment conducive to biodiversity, encouraging golfers and nature to coexist in harmony.

Resonating with nature

A dialogue with nature, that’s what we do every day! To make the most of this relationship with nature, it’s essential to observe, understand and anticipate, because every day is unique. The greens, in particular, require constant attention, just like watching over the milk on the fire. Nature abhors a vacuum, so we have to be very careful that it doesn’t suffocate everything. That’s why we’ve rethought the way we manage the undergrowth. Excessive density in the undergrowth can be destructive for the greens: without adequate aeration and air corridors, they suffocate. In order to encourage the regeneration of the lawn, it is necessary to clear the undergrowth in a precise and reasoned way, thus creating air corridors. These corridors also contribute to the lawn’s regeneration cycles.

Another aspect, which is hardly insignificant, concerns the flower meadows that we allow to grow to considerable heights. As well as requiring less mowing, these areas add a special atmosphere to the course. The players really appreciate them. It’s what makes the course different and extraordinary. When a golf course has a soul, it leaves a lasting impression and it’s essential to feel that the course is alive in the truest sense of the word.

Simon Valmy

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