L'utilisation contrôlée de produits - Golf de Servanes

The controlled use of products

It is essential to adopt a responsible approach by using the products used at the Golf de Servanes in a controlled manner, while anticipating the arrival of 0 phytosanitary products.

The controlled use of products

Let’s face it, certain maintenance practices from the past have created a gap on golf courses in France. The overall level of maintenance had fallen considerably, to the point where certain machines were no longer used in favour of the frequent use of products… Except that the ease provided by these products is a thing of the past. Today, our profession demands that we adapt, and as housekeepers, we are the key players in this necessary change. Of course it requires investment, but once the right practices are put in place, the benefits are undeniable.

When I started in this profession, we were ordering hundreds of litres of synthetic products. We didn’t pay much attention to grass rooting, especially on the greens, which are the most fragile surfaces. Grass shouldn’t be over-assisted by over-watering or feeding it synthetic products, because this creates a harmful habit. On the contrary, you need to stimulate it, making it more self-sufficient and therefore more resistant to disease.

It is thanks to these regular mechanical operations, more or less deep aeration and controlled watering that we are able to encourage the grass to take deeper root. In the space of three years, the length of the roots has increased from 3 cm to over 15 cm. Our job is to grow grass in a sense, and for our support to be healthy, it’s essential that we constantly maintain and purify it.

Simon Valmy


The Resonance method

Our environmentally-friendly maintenance method means that golfers can play responsibly. For example, they will be able to find daisies on the fairways, which would have been impossible a few years ago. There are approved products called ‘selectives’ that can eradicate this phenomenon, but we are no longer in phase with this type of practice.

What’s more, our mechanical maintenance methods, which aim to regenerate the substrate, mean that our greens are more resistant to various stresses. As their root system is better established, the grass is strengthened. This work, which consists of enabling greens to have a root system that grows from 3cm to more than 10cm, can only be achieved over time and requires a daily commitment.

In short, our primary concern is to preserve the richness of our biodiversity.

Jean Badéa

Photo du trou numéro 2 au Golf de Servanes
Photo du trou numéro 6 au Golf de Servanes
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