Sablage de la gazonnière au Golf de Servanes

A 2000m2 grassy area next to the driving range at Golf de Servanes

The sod farm

In 2022, we have earmarked a budget of €50,000 for all types of grass to resurface the course and plant a mixture of grasses better suited to the climatic conditions at Golf de Servanes. This major investment cannot be made every year, so we decided to ‘grow our own grass’. An area of 2,000 m2 has been created near the driving range, where the soil has been worked and the watering system installed. We planted this area with ‘Bermuda Grass’ type grasses and then took cuttings, which is how ‘La Gazonnière’ came into being.

By planting these grasses, which are more resistant to various stresses such as drought, trampling and disease, we will be able to improve the quality of our grassed areas.

They also consume much less water, so we’ll be able to optimise watering.

Jean Badéa

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