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The Golf de Servanes team is made up of three state-qualified instructors who look forward to coaching you. They offer lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re looking for an individual or group lesson, our team is here to help. 

Golf and me

After taking up golf at the age of 13, what was a simple hobby for me became a bigger and bigger part of my life. At the age of 19, I joined the Leadbetter Academy where I was able to develop my golf game daily and gain the necessary level to become a professional. This journey has led me to graduate as a golf instructor in 2019 and join the Servanes teaching staff in 2022.

Why do you recommend Golf de Servanes?

The Servanes course is a peaceful and magnificent natural setting where it is good to live and give free rein to our passion for golf. Its 18-hole course is a perfect blend of technicality and elegance with a hint of unevenness for the more athletic among us. Rich of all these qualities the golf of Servanes welcomes you in the most beautiful way to begin or to perfect your game of golf. I highly recommend this magnificent course to be enjoyed without moderation.

What is your favourite hole on the course?

Number 5; the most difficult hole of the course at Servanes, a real challenge for beginners. This hole offers to the players a magnificent view on the Alpilles but also an elegant difficulty by its technicality, you will have to work judiciously your trajectory to succeed the par.

Golf and me

I started playing golf when I was fourteen, and I continued to play while I was studying and playing basketball. This led to me winning the Paris Cup in 2004 as part of the Golf de Compiègne team.
When I arrived in Salon-de-Provence, I joined the Golf de Miramas team. After successively reaching the 1st division of the league, the national 3rd division and the mid-amateur national 1st division, we won the Kusel Cup.

I am constantly learning new techniques like Volodalen Natural Preferences, which helps players develop their swing based on what they are inherently capable of, and I use new technological tools like the Flightscope radar, Boditrak force plate and K-Vest to determine and then correct all aspects of a player’s swing and improve the ball trajectory.

My training tools

Methods and tools used in my sessions:
– Volodalen Natural Preferences (accredited practitioner)
– Flightscope Xi Tour radar
– Boditrak force plate to work on legs and the forces exerted by the lower body
– K-Motion golf motion sensors and related exercises
– Putting motion analysis and related exercises (Hole More Putts)
– Video analysis using special software and TV projection
– An inclined plane for slope work and specific leg work
– An Explanar for working on your swing plane and warming up

Why do you recommend Golf de Servanes?

It’s a beautifully maintained course in a spectacular setting that offers a warm welcome and full training facilities to work on every aspect of your game. I highly recommend Golf de Servanes, as it has everything you need to train and play well in a lovely, calm environment.

What is your favourite hole on the course?

My favourite hole is the fourth. It’s a 450 m par 5 with a raised tee-off and it runs alongside the Alpilles. I love this hole for the tee shot you need to play, with the fairway sloping towards the out of bounds all along the right and the red stakes on the left. Because of its features and the position of the flag on the long green, strategy is crucial to give yourself a chance at a birdie.

Golf and me

I started playing golf when I was thirteen. It fired up a passion in me and at the age of twenty (with a handicap of -2), I became a golf professional. From then on, I knew I would make a career out of my passion. Until 2009, I had the pleasure of growing my game in the 3rd and 2nd European divisions. When these great years and wonderful experiences came to an end, I was given the opportunity of joining the team of instructors at Golf de Servanes in 2010. At the time I was one of two instructors but now we are three, which shows the enthusiasm and passion for our sport.

Why do you recommend Golf de Servanes?

First and foremost, I recommend Golf de Servanes because its setting at the foot of the Alpilles is simply stunning. A varied golf course with some wide and some tight holes, golfers of different abilities can fully express their game here while having fun.

What is your favourite hole?

My favourite hole at Golf de Servanes is the eighteenth. It’s a hole that offers options to players of every level. Some decide to play aggressively to reach the green in two or three strokes. Others prefer to play defensively to give themselves a better chance of keeping the ball on the fairway. This hole offers lots of ways to test yourself, have fun and improve your game. Golf at its diverse best!

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