These birds, which live at the heart of the Domaine de Servanes, are a veritable troupe of artists! The kestrel juggles with golf balls, the scrubland pitchou warbler sings catchy tunes and the bee-eater performs spectacular acrobatics! But beware of the woodpecker, an inveterate prankster who loves to distract the players by banging his beak on the trees!

The emblematic birds of the Golf de Servanes: preserving biodiversity

  • Kestrel

    The Kestrel, nicknamed "The King of the Golf Air" for its incredible precision when hunting stray bullets, is also admired for its grace in flight.

  • Pitch warbler garrigue

    The Pitchou Garrigue warbler is a veritable diva on the green, always decked out in colourful feathers and singing haunting melodies to liven up any round of golf.

  • Crabier chevelu pièce d'eau derrière green du 7
    Hairy crake

    The Hairy Crab is a master of infiltration on the golf course, discreetly sneaking up to catch small fish in water obstacles.

  • Ashy heron

    The Ash Heron, proud and elegant, prefers to fish quietly on the edge of the ponds on the course.

  • Diversité des oiseux au Golf de Servanes
    European Bee-eaters

    The skilful and lively European Bee-eater is an expert at catching troublesome insects.

  • Oak jay

    Le Geai des chênes is known for its collection of stray balls hidden in surprising places and for its perfect imitations of the noises that make golfers' heads spin in search of peace and quiet.

  • Black kite

    The Black Kite soars majestically over the course, scanning the surroundings in search of its prey.

  • Green Woodpecker

    The Green Woodpecker, an expert in the art of camouflage, blends into the foliage. Prankster and rowdy, he's always on hand to confuse the players.

  • Common Buzzard

    The buzzard, with its piercing eyes, watches the game from afar, ready to pounce on its prey if the opportunity arises.

  • Cuckoo Jay

    The Jay Cuckoo, a true master of illusion, imitates the song of other birds and distracts even the most concentrated golfers!

  • Winter Wren

    The small but courageous Cute Wren is unimpressed by the size of the players and is always looking for a way to make its way onto the green.

  • Longhorn Warbler

    The melodious voice of the melanocephalous warbler lulls the route to sleep and its presence brightens the mood.

  • Spotted Woodpecker

    The Spotted Woodpecker, an expert hammmerer, makes the trees resound with its noisy beaks.

  • Jackdaw of the Towers

    The jackdaw, a real player on the golf course, likes to sit high up in the trees and watch the players with curiosity and casualness, ready to fly away screaming happily.

  • Royal Milan

    The Royal Milan, a symbol of purity and strength, captures our attention with its indisputable presence, seeming to reign supreme over the entire estate.

  • Red-headed Shrike

    The Red-headed Shrike is a real acrobat, juggling elegantly between branches to catch annoying insects, while keeping a mischievous eye on the players.

We would like to warmly thank Jean-Louis Pujol, a member of Servanes and the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux, for his magnificent photos.

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