Golf de Servanes awarded Silver Biodiversity Label

Nestled amidst the heart of Provence, at the foot of the majestic Alpilles mountain range, Golf de Servanes has recently been bestowed with the prestigious Silver Label from the French Golf Federation’s Biodiversity Program, under the aegis of the National Museum of Natural History, in recognition of its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. The club has proactively implemented a series of concrete measures to safeguard local ecosystems and foster biodiversity.

Action plan to preserve biodiversity at Golf de Servanes

Conservation of a herbaceous layer and differentiated mowing

One of the measures implemented at Golf de Servanes is the conservation of a herbaceous layer in certain areas, accompanied by an adaptation of mowing practices to maintain plant diversity.

Conservation of remarkable trees

A cornerstone of the action plan is the identification and preservation of remarkable trees, venerable arboreal giants that serve as havens for a myriad of unique microhabitats teeming with diverse flora and fauna.

Respecting the ecological calendar

To minimize the impact on biodiversity, maintenance work is planned according to the ecological calendar of the species present on the site.

Creating alternative micro-habitats

By meticulously crafting substitute microhabitats within human-made landscapes, we provide a haven for wildlife to thrive, fostering a rich tapestry of biodiversity.

Preserving heritage species

Shielding the emblematic species that grace our local landscapes stands as a paramount endeavor in ensuring the rich tapestry of biodiversity and maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystems. By fostering ecological continuity across diverse habitats, we empower wildlife to roam freely and access the essential resources that underpin their survival.

Continued action to preserve biodiversity

Golf de Servanes is continuing to implement effective strategies to control and reduce the spread of invasive alien species such as pampas grass. Proactive management of these species and the creation of new habitats favorable to biodiversity are priorities for maintaining the ecological integrity of the course.

In addition, actions such as :

– improving ecological continuity

– planting native trees

– creating nest boxes for chiropterans

– increasing the number of flower meadows

help to enhance biodiversity and raise visitor awareness of the importance of preserving it.

Club biodiversity coordinator

  • Simon Valmy Surintendant des Golfs Resonance Golf Collection Région Paca
    Simon Valmy

    Simon Valmy, biodiversity referent and club superintendent, plays a central role in the transition to biodiversity-friendly maintenance practices.
    His active communication with the team and his in-depth expertise in the field are helping to implement the principles of the 'Parcours de Golf pour la Biodiversité' (PGB) program.

In summary, Golf de Servanes has demonstrated its commitment to the preservation of biodiversity and its willingness to actively contribute to environmental conservation. It is recommended that the golf course be awarded the Golf for Biodiversity Silver Label in recognition of its significant efforts in environmental management and nature conservation.

Eugene R. - Auditor