Golf de Servanes is delighted to announce the completion of the sod farm on the left-hand side of the driving range. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated gardeners, this facility is now ready for use.

To complete the project, it was first necessary to rake up the old turf and restore it to its original state. Next, a veneer was laid on top and sanded several times to ensure a quality surface. Bermuda shoots, a grass variety known for its drought resistance and low water demand, were then planted.

La gazonnière au Golf de Servanes
Sablage de la gazonnière au Golf de Servanes

The choice of Bermuda shorts proved to be a wise one, as they offer a number of advantages. Despite its sometimes dull appearance, it quickly regains its beautiful green colour and spreads easily. The main function of this turfgrass is to prevent disease on the course and to repair dry areas that are struggling to regrow. To do this, all you have to do is plant cuttings in the turf, which will take a little time to establish. However, Bermuda’s resilience means that it can regenerate quickly in the event of damage, simply by adding a little sand to facilitate recolonisation.

Hole 17 already benefited from an initial trial last September, when cuttings were installed on certain dry areas. Next year, in May, when average temperatures reach 24 degrees at ground level and the Bermudas start to wake up, the results of this experiment will become visible. The warmer it gets, the more powerful the Bermudas will become.

Thanks to this new installation, Golf de Servanes is proud to be able to offer its members and visitors an exceptional course all year round.