Golf de Servanes is pleased to share with you a floral ecological initiative for the month of January: the creation of flowered areas. A lively spring mix as well as a blend specially chosen to suit the local environment will be used to sow these new flowered areas on holes number 1, 9, 13, and 15.

The aim of this initiative is to create areas of biodiversity and promote the development of wild flora, while offering players a pleasant and aesthetic playing experience. Once matured, the flowered areas will bring a touch of color and life to the golf landscape while providing a habitat conducive to pollinating insects and small animals.

The process of creating the flowered areas will begin in January with rough mowing to prepare the ground. Then, the soil will be worked and turned to create a better structure for the roots of the upcoming plants. Micro-plots will also be created to vary the species and ensure greater plant diversity.

La biodiversité au Golf de Servanes avec les zones fleuries
La biodiversité au Golf de Servanes avec les zones fleuries au trou numéro 9

In April, the results of this initiative may begin to be visible, depending on the weather conditions that will favor the growth of young plants. Perennial spring flowers and special blends adapted to the local environment will start to emerge, bringing natural beauty to the flowered areas.

This environmental initiative reflects Golf de Servanes’ commitment to preserving nature and biodiversity. By providing a welcoming space for local flora and fauna, the golf course contributes to environmental protection and the preservation of ecosystems.

The flowered areas at Golf de Servanes will be a true visual spectacle for golfers, offering a unique and nature-respecting playing experience. By creating a healthy and balanced ecosystem, the golf course demonstrates that it is possible to reconcile sports practice with environmental respect.

In our ongoing effort to reconcile sports practice with environmental respect, we invite you to discover our ecological project of creating flowered areas on our course for the year 2024.