Golf de Servanes is delighted to present its new nesting boxes, an ecological and poetic initiative that combines a passion for golf and respect for nature.

Encouraging the conservation of local birds and their nesting sites

Golf de Servanes, a haven of peace in the heart of the Alpilles mountains, is home to an incredible biodiversity of birds that delight golfers and visitors alike.

To preserve and encourage this avian biodiversity, the golf course recently decided to install 14 new nesting boxes on its estate.

The nesting boxes provide a safe and comfortable shelter for the birds that frequent the golf course, allowing them to nest in complete tranquillity. Thanks to these new installations, local species such as tits, sparrows and robins will be able to find a suitable refuge in which to raise their young.

This initiative is part of a drive to preserve the environment and raise awareness of the need to protect local wildlife. By offering birds a safe place to breed, Golf de Servanes is actively contributing to the preservation of avian biodiversity and the conservation of endangered species.

The nesting boxes also add a touch of charm and authenticity to the golf course landscape. Golfers will be able to observe the aerial ballet of birds on the golf course at close quarters.

It’s a great way to combine a passion for golf with a respect for nature.