School golf at Golf de Servanes was an enriching experience for all the children taking part.

School Golf, a real success!

Thanks to a fruitful collaboration between the town council, Mouriès primary schools, the CDG13 and the Golf League, the children were able to discover this sport in a fun and educational way.

Over 6 sessions, the children were able to learn the basics of golf, handle clubs, discover putting and even enrich their English vocabulary. With the help of passionate and dedicated volunteers, the children were accompanied and encouraged in their discovery of golf. It was a great experience that allowed the children to reveal their talent and develop their skills in the sport.

Following the success of this first edition, Golf de Servanes is now offering a Golf Passerelle this summer, to enable children to continue playing the sport. In addition, the golf school will open its doors at the start of the new school year to welcome children wishing to pursue this activity on a regular basis.

We’re delighted to have given the CM1 and CM1-CM2 children of Mouriès the opportunity to discover a new passion, develop skills and forge links. It’s a wonderful initiative that promises to be a great way to meet new people and share great moments in the years to come.

We would like to thank Charrier Laurence, Mrs Bourreux Nathalie, CM1 class teacher, Mrs Gollissan Stéphanie, CM1-CM2 class teacher, Christophe Depuille, golf pro, the CDG13, the Golf League and all the volunteers who helped to make these days a success!

Golf scolaire avec l'école de Mouriès
Golf scolaire avec l'école de Mouriès
Golf scolaire avec l'école de Mouriès