Golf de Servanes is a true haven of peace for nature lovers. However, in order to preserve this exceptional biodiversity, it is necessary to regularly clear the undergrowth of the green spaces.

Ecological scrub clearance

Clearing undergrowth is much more than a simple maintenance operation; it is an act of nature preservation and respect for the environment.

In France, this obligation is regulated and golf courses are no exception!

First of all, clearing undergrowth helps to limit the spread of fires. By eliminating invasive species, we reduce the risk of conflagration in the event of intense heat or storms, and we contribute to the safeguarding of fragile ecosystems and natural habitats.

In addition, clearing undergrowth presents numerous advantages for golfers. Indeed, by clearing the playing areas, we improve the player’s visibility and reinforce their safety.

By entrusting this task to our gardeners, who are familiar with the techniques adapted to each type of vegetation, Golf de Servanes actively participates in the protection of biodiversity and the preservation of local ecosystems.

This operation must be carried out regularly and meticulously, in compliance with current standards and principles of sustainability.


An extra brush-clearing brigade like no other!

Biodiversité Golf de Servanes - Espace chevaux - La brigade débroussaillage

Throughout the year, we are delighted to welcome 9 horses who enjoy clearing the undergrowth, quietly and elegantly, in the field dedicated to them.